We can design and fit a wet or dry heating system into almost any vessel.

  • Dry systems consist of a hot blown air heater, which will need hot air ducting of 50mm 80mm diametre, to be run from the heater through the boat to each hot air outlet.
  • It will also require an exhaust fitting on outside allowing the escape of burnt diesel fumes.
  • A thermostat/timer is sited inside the main living area to control air temperature.

  • Wet systems consist of a diesel fired water heater and an electric pump to push the heated water through the boat to radiators or blown air matrixes. The hot water can also be used to heat the domestic hot water so therefore eliminating the need to run your engine to generate hot water when there is no shore power available.
  • A thermostat/timer controls air temperature and the heaters in built circuitry controls water temperature.
  • An exhaust fitting is required to eliminate burnt diesel fumes from the boat.

Whatever system you choose contact us first for a quote and we will be happy to attend your boat to asses your heating requirements.

contact us.    07910 134 633 / 02380 194 585  mark@kimbermarine.co.uk